All testimonials taken from post-conference participant survey.


“FANTASTIC job to all involved. This conference is the highlight of my professional year!”

“Love this conference, the research it features, and the international connections it fosters.”

“It is rare to have a mix of academics, practitioners, think tank scholars, on the ground leaders, and others in the same room. I enjoyed it.”

“Well-structured sessions with a clearly defined main idea facilitated effective planning of my attendance. The networking space was well-organized, and a warm supportive atmosphere prevailed.”

“The event venue was very comfortable, the food each day was excellent, and the sessions were varied and enriching. Despite attending for the first time and alone, the networking spaces facilitated great conversations and allowed me to meet people with whom I will definitely stay in contact.”


“I learned so much. I met so many talented researchers. It makes a ton of dierence to meet and connect with people in person, so I am so grateful that the conference facilitated that. I also came away with many encouraging ideas about potential research and potential partnerships to carry it out. It really was the best conference I've attended since I fully waded into the school choice movement a decade ago. I am grateful to everybody who did all the hard work of organizing it, and I am grateful to everyone I learned from.”

“This conference was perhaps the best one to date in terms of the people who attended and the opportunities to learn from advocates, entrepreneurs, and practitioners.”

“Thank you for organizing and pulling o a wonderful conference experience for us this year!”

“Overall excellent - so many great panels to choose from!”

“Like the previous 2 I attended, ISCRC 23 was super well organized. Great sessions, a good amount of time to connect with speakers, wonderful location/food, and the days flowed really well”


“The ’21 virtual conference was impressive in 2 ways: (1) breadth/depth of material/subjects presented; and (2) staff attentiveness to smooth virtual experience. While virtual conferences present challenges, this one was handled very well. Many thanks to the staff’s diligence, positive attitudes and very hard work!”

“A+. Perhaps the best virtual conference/event I have participated in.”

“Excellent conference and truly impressive conference organization. Great speakers.”

“Speakers were exceptional, and the session topics and content are first-class in the sector. It was also very well managed, and as a presenter I can say this was easily the most well-coordinated conference I have participated in under COVID-19.”

“Material was very impressive! I was grateful to be a part of this enriching information session.”

"I have to tell you that I've participated in many virtual conferences this pandemic and this one is far and away the best. The level of organization has been fantastic, and the sense of community is still so strong, even in the format. Thank you so much!"

"Thank you for taking such good care of us, even in this virtual setting."

"I have attended this conference for years and this is very well done."


“Everything was terrific! Thank you for this wonderful event, very insightful and very resourceful.”

“My favorite conference!! I always meet lots of interesting people, build networks and learn lots. I appreciated both book talks- discussions.”

“Always the best conference of the year. Well done.”

“The panels were excellent, the schedule ran smoothly, there was ample time for conversation, and the food was delicious.”